Divide Event Time

I want to be able to post/create an Event have this Event displayed to another user permission view which can only book time/make appointment within that Event time. Can the API handle the Event time to then be separated? into used time and unused time?

Staff- Event is posted from 9am-1pm
End user - goes and see this time slot/event available and wants to use/book/meet for only 1hour of the Event/slot. (this 1hr selected could be anywhere within the 9am-1pm window, did not have to be at 9am)
Can the remaining time remaining of that time slot/event be available for others to use/book?

The 9am-1pm slot/event was green and then after the 1hr slot was taken the remaining either before or after the 1hr taken slot is still green as it is showing available?

I realize and expect API changes are needed but would this be possible?

I need to get a response quickly please.


Oncoming 3.0 (beta version available on the forum) allows to define available time for each day through one of extension. So above use-case can be implemented without extra customization ( creation of staff-event can be done with separate scheduler instance, and later this info can be used to create time-blocks for the user’s scheduler )

You can check samples/03_extensions/25_advanced_limitation.html from dhtmlxScheduler 3.0 package

I would like to add that in that 1 Time slot/event this would be used to booked for multiple end users. So each time that Green 3hr available Event/slot gets a new booking less time is then available for the next end user to book in that time slot.

Thanks for your quick response.

In time limited mode - user will see all available time zones
If any time was booked - scheduler will render event box there ( it possible to customize it through template - so user will not see any extra details )

As results not booked available time zones will be clearly visible , and user will be able to create new event there ( event lenght and start time can be rounded to 1hour, or other necessary length through settings of the scheduler )