Divide section in different groups

Hi Team,

I’m new to this library but the more I use it, more interesting I find it :smiley:.
Currently I’m using it’s timeline view feature, and I would like to know about how can we create different groups in the timeline section.
Similar to those shown in the attachment

(1st group is Web Testing Dept. and 2nd group is Human Relations Dept.)

The initial structure is defined by the structure of sections object


var elements = [ {key:10, label:"Web Testing Dep.", open: true, children: [ {key:20, label:"Elizabeth Taylor"}, {key:30, label:"Managers", children: [
Top level section can have “children” sub object, with set of sub-sections

Also, there is an API to add/remove sections dynamically
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … ction.html

Thanks Stanislav :slight_smile: