Do I have to use military time?

Hello I am using dhtmlxScheduler for our school website. A calendar is posted for parents to be notified of upcoming events. The problem is that it is posted in military time and some of our families do not know how to read that. Is there an option I am missing to change that?

Thank you for your prompt attention. We love this product!

sure, you can change date formats … onfig.html

Thank you, unfortunately this doesn’t change the time option. For example: Instead of saying 1300 I would like it to say 1:00pm.

Is this possible to change?

Thanks again!

the config by the link from my previous answer allows changing displayed format of hours in the time scale.
Below the description of config, you can also see a link to the list of all supported date formats.
And a link to the working example … ormat.html

I think the configuration you need is following: scheduler.config.hour_date = "%g:%i%a";