Do not render void slots at the end of a scheduler

If I want the sheduler ends at 20 p.m, I set config.last_hour = 20 from client side

however, blank slots are rendeder untill 00:00 a.m, e.g:

/* 10h .....
/* [b]20h -> blank slot[/b]

so that, height of sheduler is set to 1680px,
Height of an hour (42px*4) * [last_hour (20) - first_hour (10)] = 1680

,but in fact it’s higher, it’s 1680 + (42px4)(24-20), because highlight sections are rendered

To avoid this blank sections I have setted config.last_hour to 10 from server side, and it works, but it’s a “strange way” to do it.

I’ve checked the total of slots rendered it’s the max of hours setted between server side and client side.

So that, if all your days are at least of 8h, you must set in server side

        sched.Config.first_hour = 10;
        sched.Config.last_hour = 18; //or 17, 16, any number greater than first_hour but lower than first hour + total of hours

Otherwise schedule in server sid would be setted from 0 to 24 hours, and even you set first and last hour from server side, blank slots to 24 hours will be rendered

can you please attach a complete example that demonstrates the issue ?

is difficult, as it should provide the entire project