do not want to show the line1.gif image


I am using licensed version of dhtmlx treegrid v 2.1. The columns and rows in the tree grid are created with js arrays and not xml.

In the rows where we get the “+” or “-” images , we are getting another image “line1.gif”. I do not require this image to be shown.

Is there any property / function to hide / remove images from the treegrid.

If there are no functions to remove images , please provide me with one. I do not want to show the line1.gif image.

Thanks and Regards

Unfortunately treeGrid hasn’t appropriate method which can allow you to disable node images for the particular row. Bu if you know ids of the parent nodes, you can disable it’s images via DOM. For example following code will hide item images for all rows which has children:

if (mygrid.hasChildren(id)){
var cell=mygrid.cellById(id,0).cell.firstChild.childNodes[1].style.display=“none”;