Do you have a pdf documentation for version 6+?

Please send me a link. I only have the older version 5. thank you in advance.
It is faster when I have offline docu/guide.

There is no reference to this yet, and the documents will be changing so often that it’s probably not worth it to create one.

:fearful: Does this mean this is unstable release? What about my codes? I love the simplicity and I’m not following the free example included on the files (suite) I downloaded cause it seems like some features are not expose. I really like the .chm files it is very detailed.

Does this example code from v5 works with this version?

var _form = _windows.attachForm(jsonStructure)

Does this new version have attached options? like attachLayout, etc, etc?

Currently there is no PDF version of the dhtmlxSuite 6 documentation.

You may use the attach() method to attach a component to the dhtmlx cell:

Here you can find the samples:

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thank you.

It’s sad not having the PDf docu. By the way I tried downloading your website for offline usage “the docs url” sadly all tools did not work well.

Is it possible if you can generate/create a .chm docu? The other guy before was able to give/generate a .chm file for v5.1 and I am reading very progressively.

please please. Thank you. A lot of devs will surely love it.

Here is the generated chm version of the dhtmlxSuite docs.
(I apologize for the messy index page)

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Thank you so much for this file. I’m reading it.