Do you have the limit of the tree node in Standard version?

Dear DHTMLX and Members,

It’s always astounding to meet the valuable resource like dhtmlxTree, and even free.

I’m using dhtmlxTree, v.2.5 build 91111.

  • Problem(Situation)
    Usually there’s no problem, but when I have 1000 nodes for dhtmlxTree, some of users
    are getting javascript warning on their browser. Actually they couldn’t have the screenshot
    or the other information at that time, but they are still complaining about that.

  • What I have done for it
    So I look through my pages and the script as well. Of course, I couldn’t find any clue. :frowning:

  • Question
    you have big_xml.xml and some of its content are like this,

Could it have any relation with my situation? Or do you have any hints and similar

Thanks in advance

Jamie Moon

To increase laoding performance in Tree you may use:
Dynamical Loading;
Smart XML Parsing;
Distributed Parsing;
Smart Rendering.

Please check following tutorial:

Thanks, Olga!

But which tutorial do you read?


Sorry, this tutorial … erformance

Thank you for your quick response and sharing information.

I’ll try it on ours and if i have any step forward, i’ll let you know.

Thanks again!

Same problem with me as well.

i am trying to load more than 15000 nodes in the same level.

i have 15 nodes in the first level and one of this node have more than 15000 nodes in the next level. when i am trying to expand the first level node, it’s not getting loaded and also show the script error (unresponsive script error) after waiting for 4-5 minutes.

For your information, actually i am using ‘setXMLAutoLoading’ to open the next level item dynamically because as per your suggestions on your sites ‘DynamicLoading’ will give the better performance compared to other approaches (SmartRendering and enableSmartXmlParsing).

Can you please help me to resolve this issue or let me know is there any limitation to load the nodes in the same level.

In your case it’s better to use SmartRendering mode. But this functionality is available in PRO version only.