Do you plan on implementing xpath support?

It would be great if I could specify row xpath and column xpath in the grid, instead of having to convert my xml to a specific format. Is there any way
to bind columns to any given xml format?

In current model it is hard to implement full support of custom XML format

You can easily update code to cutom row tags, in dhtmlxGrid.js, locate next strings

this code locates the top XML node

var rowsCol = this.xmlLoader.doXPath("//rows/row",xmlDoc);
this code locates all rows in XML

var cellsCol = this.xmlLoader.doXPath("./cell",xml);
this code locates all cells inside XML row

updating those XPath to custom ones will give possibility to use custom XML format, but still it not all used XPaths, and some functionality may work incorrectly.
Also if you have different name of TOP xml node, you need to add next js line to your code
where rows must be replaced with your top level xml tag