Do you support ASP.NET Web-Form model?


I found that you had a support for Classic ASP.

I want to know that do you have any version of web-form for Gantt chart?

Thank you

You can check the following demo with the Web-forms:

I tried it but it has some errors

Also, I didn’t find that how to start with the sample?

You can launch the sample by clicking on the “triangle” button:

Unfortunately, there is no “how to start” article yet. It will be added in the future, but I cannot give you the ETA.

Looks like you need to add the following code to the DHX.Gantt.WebForms/DHX.Gantt.WebForms.csproj file:

<Target Name="CopyRoslynFiles" AfterTargets="AfterBuild" Condition="!$(Disable_CopyWebApplication) And '$(OutDir)' != '$(OutputPath)'">
      <RoslynFiles Include="$(CscToolPath)\*" />
    <MakeDir Directories="$(WebProjectOutputDir)\bin\roslyn" />
    <Copy SourceFiles="@(RoslynFiles)" DestinationFolder="$(WebProjectOutputDir)\bin\roslyn" SkipUnchangedFiles="true" Retries="$(CopyRetryCount)" RetryDelayMilliseconds="$(CopyRetryDelayMilliseconds)" />

It should start working after that: