Docking window & MillerColumns

These are the two widgets i suggest.

Could be some settings in the actual window widget. It allows you to manage multiple windows and even the layout of your web page. Each window can be : resized, dragged around the Web page, docked into docking zones, removed from the docking, maximize by providing position and dimensions, minimize to a task bar (either horizontal or vertical).

Here is a demo having most of the features … nality.htm

Docking windows are great for organising display of various and numerous informations.
That makes sense to extend this organisation. I suggest to allow the drag & drop of docking windows in an another tab when tabs are used to split the main display containing docking windows.


It’s the type of GUI control we know in iTunes for example. Here we have an example … sts-jquery

The suggestion comes with 3 modifications :

  • still being able to right click on an entry to obtain a context menu, just like we do with a treeview
  • being able to drag&drop an entry out of the columns so that the “extracted entry” would become a new window in a docking environment i explained above
  • results of search in each active column. A click on one of the results shows only the “Miller path” driving to it