Document.body is null error on subpage in dhtmlxlayout

I have a page with dhtmlxLayout and I call


the page.php code should use dhtmlxCalendar, the body is:


Time from:
[/code] The problem is when I click on the input field, the calendar does NOT show. When I look into mozilla Error Console, there is an error: "[b]TypeError: document.body is null[/b]" And it point to file dhtmlxcalendar.js, line 49: [code] document.body.appendChild(this.base); [/code]

How should I call calendar or point a target input field to get it working in page.php that is loaded to dhtmlxLayout?

Why don’t you use attachObject method to attach calendar’s container to the cell?
If you have some resizes - you can face a problem when the calendar is shown out of a visible frame zone.

Please, attach completed demo to test it. … leted_demo