Documentation errors


There’s some documentation problems on this page : … hxcalendar

  1. Files to include.

=> No need non existant files dhtmlxtimepicker.css and dhtmlxtimepicker.js
=> dhtmlxform_item_dhxcalendar.js is non existant file. Good name is dhtmlxform_item_calendar.js

  1. Complete attribute page

    options - sets item’s options. In essense, the attribute is used for dhtmlxcalendar initialization. Below, we present the basic options. The full list you can find in dhtmlxCalendar documentation

==> Link is … figuration
==> Result is “This topic does not exist yet”

  1. Read only attribute

readonly is not the good attribute name. readonly=“false” has no effect. Use readOnly=“false”.


Same problem with read only attribute on this page : … _form.html


Thank you for your comments, dactar.
2 first remarks are on target and the appropriate corrections have been made.

As about the third one is not exactly so.
readonly attribute goes with a small letter and the related sample is correct.
false is the default value of the attribute. To make some input readonly you should use readonly:‘true’.
Then, to change the value you can use the method setReadonly().