Documentation horrible

Hi There,

i am testing the pro edition for company purpose. And i am little sad.

Documentation is -> pick your infos from all over the place.
Sometimes they are wrong, or the given samples are it trying to figure it out.

I give you a sample:

TROUBLESHOOTING!!! ( … n_errors&s[]=dhtmlxgridcell )

In case of dhtmlxgrid

dhtmlxgridcell.js !!!###???
any extensions for the grid

Why is the order mentioned in troubleshooting everywhere in the samples and the rest of the doku, different from the order in the trubleshoot ( first grid, then gridcell? ).

Hope you could understand how ugly it is to troubleshoot, and get even more confused…
Instead of find help/answer…

Support should be paid extra, but how about a proper and full documentation?

I mentioned full ( where is the documentation for the grid footer navigation? ).
Should we do lego html to find out the proper structure ( pagingStateContainer within grid itself, pagingControlsContainer in pagingStateContainer yes no try catch? )…

Should we pay for such support request in the near future? Yes i know first month is free…

The link in your post is broken, but if you have mean the next one page … leshooting

It contain valid order of includes ( same as any other sample )

As for pagings - I’m not quite sure what is the problem. Grid’s paging control can be initialized in any html container, if you have such container in footer - paging will be in grid’s footer. If there is no any specific, why to have a separate article in doc about “paging in the footer” ?

We have found the place where the order was incorrect and you probably meant that page in your note - … mon_errors. Both pages say about troubleshooting problems in dhtmlxGrid and as your link was broken we misunderstood each other. The mistake has been corrected. Sorry for inconvinience