Documentation takes long to load and comes with errors

I’am trying to look at the API documentation for dhtmlxtree. If I click on the API link on the left hand of the screen, I get an XML error on the right hand sight. The same happens for the other links underneath the API link. Only the top links of dhtmlxtree seem to work.

Besides that, the online documentation takes very long to load. Do you have an off-line version (pdf or html) as well?



Please check this link. Does it return xml error?

Html version for dhxtmlTree documentation you can download with standart package.

error still exists (see attached file).


What version of Internet Explorer do you use? We have tested our documentation at IE 6,7,8 and it works without errors.

Also please check if at you browser JavaScript is enable.

I’ve got on machine with IE6 and one with IE7 and have the same problem on both machines. JavaScript is enabled on both machines. It looks like there is an issue with the xml page.

Page works correctly while testing from our side, but it really contains <?xml marker which must not cause any problems for normal IE installation, but may be somehow corrupt view in your case. ( while page is HTML , your browser ignore content/type and tries to show it as XML )

Unused marked will be removed from online documentation in nearest time, most probably it will fix your problem