Documentation wanted


I´m working since more than 2 years with dHTMLx and for me it´s one of the best on the market. But the doc sometimes is very … :frowning:

Now I start first time with FORMS - and yes it is very powerful. What I miss is a documentation of the format of a XML or JSON file or better what tag are available. For sure I know about type, name,label position and some others but each time I go through the forum or external discussions I found threats about new one I never find anywhere documented (found today i.e. offsetTop)

A good way would be to have a XML and/or JSON file for download includes all possiple “types” with all available tags supported for each type. With such a file I can play around to see what happens. And I´m pretty sure you have for testing such a file.


Found the documentation

That’s good! :smiley:

Please feel free if you still have any questions.