Does Anyone Have Tips for Automated Testing with Selenium?

My web app development has gone quite well with DHTMLX and my app has reached a level of complexity where I’d really like to have an automated regression. It seems like Selenium is a popular tool for automated test. My problem is that I’m having a heck of a time getting Selenium to find the elements in the page. I know this isn’t a Selenium forum, what I’m wondering is what tools do others use for automated test of DHTMLX and can you share any tips for me on how to get up and running. I’m hoping to find an easier to use tool or learn some DHTMLX specific tips. DHTMLX examples would be wonderful.


Top element of component can be located by id, but elements inside the component normally has not ids or any specific attributes. The common solution - use xpaths to locate elements ( first part of xpath - locate top element by id, and list of child tags from that point ), there are plugins for FF which can simplify this job a lot.