Does dhtmlx support responsive web design?

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I have a page with grid on the right side and dhtmlx form in the left side.Everything is fine on desktop.But when I refresh in a mobile or ipad its just squeezes itself hiding regions. How do I make it responsive so that its viewable on all types of devices like bootstrap framework ? I’m using 4.3 pro

I will depend on combinations and quantities of the used components.

You can go this link and try demo “CRM System”

You can have a look at … ve-design/
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dhtmlx support responsive apps but you also need to configure it a bit fir different screen sizes.

Your best bet is to head to an Open Device Lab (ODL) if there’s one available in your city. [If there isn’t one available, why not start one?]
Nothing beats the hands-on experience you’ll get from trying your work with the actual handsets. You’ll struggle with inputs, memory/CPU issues and screen displays - things you can’t really experience with software emulators. Think of it as a technical usability test, feeding into improvements you’ll make with your web app.