Does dhtmlxMenu support dropdown menus over frames, Iframes

Does dhtmlxMenu support
dropdown menus over frames, Iframes, flash and forms?  Is ther a setting
or something I can change to make the dropdowns stay on top of another frame?

a) There is no way to draw content from one frame over
another frame on the same level



There ais no solution for such situation. The browser
strictly limits content of frame to frame itself.

b)  But in case of multi iframe structure



next workaround can be implemented:

dhtmlxMenu object can be created in top level document. In such case
expandable menu will be always positioned over iframes (because menu is placed
in window which is not sibling but parent to iframes)

In my Iframe case it does not work. subMenu opening causes iframe to move down. It does open over iframe. Is it possible to be done?


Here is the example:

<link rel=‘STYLESHEET’ type=‘text/css’ href=’…/common/style.css’

meni je tu valjda


Please, take a look at the attached sample. Possibly it’ll help (31.3 KB)

Thanks, it works


with new js libs

One correction

Its up to skin (css), not up to js libs!!.