Does dhtmlxToolBar support displaying Chinese Charaters?


I am looking for the solution (as indicated in the topic). After searching the knowlege base, I found a silimar question for dhtmxTree but such function: setEscapingMode is not implemented in dhtmlxToolBar.js. Any easy way to display Chinese characters in dhtmlxToolBar? Thanks in advance.


The dhtmlxTree is a pure html component so it must work with any browser encoding. To work correctly with UTF you need to do next:

a) Set page encoding to UTF

b) Be sure that XML has correct header

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

c) Enable utf escaping



Thanks for your answer for my previous questions: … e=1&q=3882

I got it work with your answer #1. But tabbar.tabWindow(‘b3’) returns an error message like: “tabbar.tabWindow(…) is empty or not an object”.


setEscapingMode is not implemented in dhtmlxToolBar.js
this functionality used to send data back to server side, there is no need in any additional processing when you loading data
Please be sure that
a) xml contains correct encoding attribute
b) page in XML , both loaded in same encoding

If problem still occurs for you -please send any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed to