Does send() process Radio Button's on form?

When I issue send() on dhtmlx form, I see checkbox value as 1/0 but radio always shows null. Is the radio value supported in send()? I read another post in the forums where someone suggests that it is not supported.



{type: “radio”, value: 1, name: “my_radio”, text: “abc”},
{type: “radio”, value: 2, name: “my_radio”, text: “def”},
{type: “radio”, value: 3, name: “my_radio”, text: “ghi”}

and for checked radio button result POST data will:
my_radio=[checked item value]

i.e. if 2nd radio checked (with text “def”) you will have:

Thank you. I did not see where value was required in the API. Working for me now.

Any suggestions?

if value not set how to determine which of 3 selected? All 3 have the same name.