Does timezone affects InitialDate property? It seems so

I’ve a problem with InitalDate property, I’ve searched it in api-ref, but it’s not documented. … properties

I initialize date with today value with this code:

sched.InitialDate =  DateTime.Today;

Day View is right (Today), but in event “onBeforeViewChange” the date is Yesterday(22h).
Now in spain time is GMT+2, therefore i thought the control takes the general UTC time, no your GTM+ , then I’ve tried this, but not works, the event hour it’s Yesterda(22h) as well

sched.InitialDate =  DateTime.Today.AddHours(12);

this code, show in calendar one day later, no good solution:

sched.InitialDate =  DateTime.Today.AddDays(1);

Then, I could in event “OnBeforeViewChange” check date.addDay(1) by loading my data, but it’s not a good solution.

I would like to set the default datetime ok.


It has different behaviour if set it in cliente side

Now, I’ve set in client side

scheduler.InitialDate = new Date();

And then I get DateTime= CurrentTime - [2 hours]