Doing a same day - multple recurring event


So I want to do the following:

User wants to have an event from 12:00 noon until 6:00pm s0 that’s 6 hours.

However, his presentation is 30 mins long, so he will be giving this presentation over again every 30 minutes.

He doesn’t want to sit there and have to create twelve 30 minute events which all have the same description and so forth.

Is there a way, I could create a same day recurring event that repeats from 12 noon to 6pm with some code and place a Radio Button in the lightbox that says something like "Split Event every 30 mins) and when the Radio button is clicked on and the event is posted, it will just make a recurring event of 30mins for every 30 minute time from 12:00 noon to 6pm when he selects those times in the New Event light box?

Anybody done anything like this and have some code I could look at?


currently scheduler does not support recurrence on hourly or minute basis. Although recurring plugin can be extended, this may take quite a lot of coding.
Implementing a button “split every N minutes” or “repeat N times” will be much easier.
What you can do is

  1. implement a custom control for repeating/splitting events where you specify rule … r_lightbox

  2. when user saves the lightbox, you check the value of that control using client side api … event.html

  • if user edits or creates regular event - do nothing
  • if user creates event with an option to repeat it several times you can do following:
    – create these partial events and add them to calendar … event.html

– prevent creating the original event that is being split and hide the lightbox