Don't close combo

I want to order my combo when the user close it, but when you select an option this will close the combo.

Actually I’m using mycombo.openSelect(); but the onClose event will trigger and I don’t want to.

Here is the code:

mycombo.attachEvent("onSelectionChange", function(){
			if (mycombo.getSelectedValue() != null){
				var id = mycombo.getSelectedIndex()
				mycombo.setChecked(id, !mycombo.isChecked(id));
				var cont=mycombo.getChecked().length
				mycombo.setComboText(window.lang.translate("Selected") + " " + cont + " " + window.lang.translate("device"));
			return true;

mycombo.attachEvent("onClose", function(){
			return orderCombo(a,b);

Why do you filter options on list closing, but not on list opening ?

As for your original question. There is no way to detect in onClose event, was it caused by selecting an option, or by click outside of the combo.

I’m using a multicolumn Combo with checkbox and when user click one row, I check the checkbox by code.

Using onOpen will not fix the problem, because I don’t want to order when you select an option, but in my code when you select an option this will trigger the onClose event and the onOpen event (because of mycombo.openSelect()).

So there is no way to let the user open the combo, select what he wants without closing (and opening) it?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that you can customize combo in the such way.
The combo will automatically close self on item clicking, there is no way to prevent this behavior.

ok thanks for the help ^^