Don't have dhtmlxgrid_form.js

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So do I have to upgrade my professional version to get dhtmlxgrid_form.js?

I have version 1.2 and have found that I cannot use dataProcessor with large
data sets in Internet Explorer because it is submitting too many concurrent
ajax requests (this IS different from Firefox).

So I have to resort to submitting the grid as form parameters but I do not have
the dhtmlxgrid_form.js file you refer to.

How can I get this file? Do I have to upgrade everything? Will it be compatible
with what I’ve already written?

This is a potential show-stopper for my project and I don’t really want to have
to stop using dhtmlXGrid.

Please respond ASAP,


Please contact us directly ( at )  and provide your ref. number to receive the necessary file, basically it must work with you current version of dhtmlxgrid ( it is only technical compatibility, because it was introduced in dhtmlxgrid 1.4 , it never was tested with grid 1.2 files )