Don't show grouped row


Hi There

Pivot grid looks great, however, our customer demands a different outout.

We are running the flat grid layout in Pivot with multiple options in the Rows.

We don’t want to show the grouped rows in the output, rather we just need the last row after the group.
Example: If there is a grouping done on three fields which is, Region, Branch and Name: for every record, we see two rows which are the grouped rows on Region and Branch

All we need to display is One row which shall have the output like this:

Region Branch Name Additional Fields for sum
Test R Test B Test N 20 30 40


There is no possibility to bring the pivot to such a look without the inner customization.


Why would that be a problem ? I checked Pivot.js and found that if the source can be handled somehow (with some configuration) we can ignore the rows to be without the rows grouped by

Our client expects this in order to purchase this great control of yours. Kindly advice what can be done here ?

We are ready for any other work arounds also