double booking(multiple resources)

Hi There ,

I’m using dhtmlx scheduler 4.1 version using php and mysql.

in our system we have multiple booking agents(who create events for assessors) and multiple assessors(resources).
this is regarding multiple events created for same user(resource) on same time by different people(booking agent)…
is there any way to stop booking agent to create event for assessor who is already booked for same time by different booking agent.

I’m reloading page every 30 seconds so that booking agent can see all events for that assessor but it didn’t help… it creates double booking.

How do i resolve this issue!
Please Help!!


we’ll update the related article in our docs, but in short here is what you want to do:

  1. Use the collision extension to prevent creating new events on already occupied time

  2. Block creation of new events while data is being loaded from the server - so user couldn’t create event while data is not loaded yet and calendar is empty:

scheduler.attachEvent("onXLS", function (){ scheduler.config.readonly = true; }); scheduler.attachEvent("onXLE", function (){ scheduler.config.readonly = false; }); … event.html … event.html … onfig.html

  1. Enable dynamic loading to speed up data loading … micloading

  2. Add checking for conflict events on server side:

And on the client you can reload data in case action was rejected by server: … event.html … event.html … arall.html … _load.html