Double Calendar not disbaling dates


When I click on left calendar, Dates before it are disabled in right calendar
and same for clicking on right calendar, disables date after selected in left calendar.

But When I load calendar first time, and set a date on left and right calendar
using setDate functions.

The dates are set on both calendars but dates are no disabled on both as per above rule.
Can you please suggest how to manage it?

Locally works fine
Could you provide completed demo to test the issue? … pport.html


Attached is the demo with all files.

demo.png is showing calendar loaded

As can be seen 10 Nov is selected in Left Calendar based on Value in first Field
But dates before 10 Nov are select-able in right calendar

Similarly 20 Nov is selected in Right Calendar based on Value in second Field
But dates after 20 Nov are select-able in left calendar

Can you please suggest, whats missing?

Thanks (79.9 KB)

You need to set dates via dblcal1.setDates(left, right); (not with dblcal1.leftCalendar.setDate)
Read more about: … dates.html

Thanks, Working now

You are welcome!