DOuble calendar on icon click with to nd frm range[urgent]


first thanks … to DHTMLX making available these amazing js components

  1. i have two input boxes … with two button

  2. so on click of any button … i wanted to open double calendar…(with input1 box and input2 box selected dates)

  3. so if i select dates for two input boxes … dates shud be populated in those two boxes…

Thanks in advance!!!


You can try the next example:


Complex task 3th Febr html,body { height: 100%; margin: 0px; overflow: hidden; } [/code] But there are some good samples for you: [ ... _icon.html]( - Attach to custom icon (it can be button) [ ... endar.html]( - Double Calendar [ ... nputs.html]( - Set interval with two inputs I think they can be useful too