Double calendar with present+future date

How can i initialize left calendar that can be select only present and future date (not date in the past)?
Please help and thanks in advance.

Unforunately, double calendar doesn’t allow to do it.

In case of simple calendar you may use the following:

calendar.setSensitive(new Date(),null);

You may use two calendars instead of double calendar.

Hello Alexandra.

I was looking for the same question and finally found yours.

I have notice the post is very old and I am wondering if hopefully the behaviour of double calendar has changed in order to be able to show just present + future dates on the left calendar?

Could you please answer me the same question (updated)?

I am planning to use it to select travel dates but it will ilogical to accept past dates.

Thanks in advance and best regards.



you may try to use the following:

calendar.leftCalendar.setSensitive(new Date(),null);
calendar.rightCalendar.setSensitive(new Date(),null);