Double-click event on the map

The double-click event is disabled and replaced by a custom event that creates an event.
That’s fine
However when the scheduler is readonly, we should have back the default event and be able to zoom in and out

and be able to zoom in and out
Not quite sure what do you mean by zoom in , can you provide some more details?

The normal behiavor, when you double-click a google map , is a zoom in
This is disabled in the Scheduler map and replaced with a create event
However, when the scheduler is readonly, there is no create event and when you double-click nothing happens.


This update will be included in the upcoming version.
For now you can change this behavior yourself:

  1. Locate sources/ext/ext_map_view.js file, rename it to dhtmlxscheduler_map_view.js and replace your old dhtmlxscheduler_map_view.js with it.
  2. In that file locate
map.disableDoubleClickZoom = true;

and change to

map.disableDoubleClickZoom = !scheduler.config.readonly;

Hope this helps.

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That’s perfect