Double click for create event error

When I do double click on scheduler to create a new event it didn’t apear on screen, but when I click somewhere of windows, displays a popup that says that my changes will not save if I press Ok button. If I press Ok, didn’t happen, but if I press Cancel button, popup desapears and event apear on screen to edit there.

What can I do to solve this problem?

can you provide some kind of demo?

This is my Scheduler (with a test event created).

Then, I do double click to create event:

Didn’t happen. Ok, then I click somewhere on screen.

WHAT? It says that my changes will be destroyed.
If I press the Ok button, this is my result:

Yes, nothing. But… when I click the Cancel button…

Yeeeey!! It appears! lol

That is what I have and what I do. If I try to create a new event dragging the cursor it works as well.

I hope that someone can help me…

Do you have some custom css on the page? Lightbox position itself absolutely over scheduler, which works fine for majority of cases, but it is possible that custom styles affect position or z-index of lightbox

You can try to increase z-index of layout as well

.dhx_cal_light{ z-index: 100000 !important; }

Yeah, I have a custom css file because my scheduler is on webside that uses JqueryUI.
I put on my css this style and nothing happens.

The problem was in my Javascript code, because I defined my first hour at 9 like this:


Then, when I double click on the Scheduler, it was create an event at 8!!! I had to change the setHours too.


Now it works!

Thanks for try to solve my problem! ;D