double click hander event not working



I’ve read this post about double click, but I still have the problem

I’m trying next code. But when I double click, event doesn’t fire and also events open and create (when double click in blank)

Server Side (I’ve checked it in client side too)
sched.Config.details_on_dblclick = false;
sched.Config.dblclick_create = false;

Cliente Side:
scheduler.attachEvent(“onDblClick”, function () {
alert(“double click”);
return true;



‘onDblClick’ event is fired when you double click on an event object, it’s not triggered when you double click on empty space.
We’ve received several reports on issue with not firing click or double click in Chrome. Is this the same problem you experiencing?


In my scenario, onDblClick and onClick are not working chrome. But same code is working perfectly in Firefox browser. Kindly help me to fix it.