double click not working on timelineview 4.2

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I’ve got an intermittent issue with the timeline view in 4.2 where the double click event intermittently stops working. Is there a fix for this in 4.2?

No update on this?

please check this version, does the issue still happens there? …

The issue is intermittent and hard to replicate. What is the difference in the code you have provided?

Is there a known issue regarding chrome and double click not working intermittently on the scheduler?

we’ve been reported a similar issue in Chrome - namely that sometimes Chrome stops firing mouse click/doubleclick on a scheduler. That affects all scheduler applications opened in that chrome instance, i.e. once the issue starts you can reload or open a new tab with any scheduler application and the issue will remain there. The issue stops only after reopening browser window. Overall the problem is quite cryptic and hard to reproduce.

The latest build has some additional checkings in handling drag and drop and clicks, which hopefully will prevent chrome from falling into invalid state.

The issue is still happening intermittently when using the 4.3 evaluation.

do you mean the evaluation package that can be received after submitting this form and have version 4.3.1 … =scheduler
Or the package from this thread - 4.3.17 ?

4.3.1 received from submitting the evaluation form.

Please check the latest v4.3.17 from this link …
It is a newer dev version which has certain modifications in a handling of drag and drop, so there should be less of false triggering.