Double click save event and Unit view

Hi there, I’m using your suite with excellent results, but now I’ve a problems.
I’ve a scheduler with 4 units, my default view is by unit.
I developed a custom lightbox where i’ve a button that allow you to add events on double click.
Then, when I click button, close the lightbox (scheduler.endLightbox), set the week view and load events for only one unit (that selected).

My problems are two:

  1. On double click, I want save the event immediately, without any modal or lightbox, instead i see on scheduler the event, but unsaved
  2. When i fire double click, the scheduler reload all unit, but i need to see only one selected

Thank you so much in advance.



  1. To save and hide the lightbox use the next code:

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox", function (id){ scheduler.save_lightbox(); });

  1. I’m not fully understand the question. Possibly you need in setCurrentView method. … tview.html
    If the problem still occurs for you, please, give more info.