Double Slider control

Is there a way to have two sliders on the same control?

The idea is to control a range on one control. A MIN slider controls a minimum value and the MAX controls a maximum value. The two values can be the same but the MAX slider has to greater than the MIN.

All of your examples only show control of one value on the dhtmlxslider. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

There is no any special API for such use-case. But you can easily implement such logic by using onChange event of slider object.
Please check attached sample. (47.5 KB)

Thanks for the reply.  The example you show has the right logic but the two value controls are on separate bars.  I was aiming for a solution that would only have one bar but two sliders.  Is no way to add two value controls on the same bar?

Such behavior can’t be achieved with existing control.