doUndo doRedo does not work on tree datatype column of dhtml


I’m trying to implement Undo and redo option in my dhtmlxtreegrid . Im able to Undo and redo on all column except the one that contains tree datatype. The problem im facing is when the following happens :

1. When i create a new Value and perform an undo operation im getting an “undefined” displayed in my grid.

2. When i drag and drop a grid cell as a child to another one and then perfrom an undo operation i again get an “undefined” on the latest cell which i created on the column containing tree data type…

Kindly help me to reslove the issue

Problem confirmed and fixed, fix will be available as part of next build
For now please include cod from attached file in your project it will override problematic code with correct one (366 Bytes)

The undo problem is solved but redo does not give me the original value it still gives me undefined

Same fix applied for Redo operation, please use attached js file. (329 Bytes)