Drag-and-Drop between grids with filter on source grid

I have a page with a grid listing suburb names (and a filter to make finding a specific suburb easier) and a second grid that starts off empty. I wand to be able to MOVE rows from the first grid to the second be either double-clicking or drag-and-drop.

I am having issues with the drag-and-drop when the values are filtered. The onDragOut event on the first grid does not alway fire, and the same for the onDrop event on the second grid. Results vary between browsers, but all lose the plot at some point.

Attached is a sample page: DragDropFilter.htm. I am using 2.6 Pro with a custom skin.
DragDropFilter.zip (5.51 KB)

Can you provide exact steps, how issue can be reconstructed?
The code looks fine, and while checking locally , events correctly occurs each time.

Hi Stanislav

When I have the first grid filtered, sometimes the onDragOut does not fire, so the Suburb is added to the second grid, but not deleted from the first.

Try typing “cl” into the filter and dragging a few in quick sucession.

IE8 is the worst, but it happens in Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well.

Replace your onDragOut handler with onBeforeDrag, it will fix issue ( onBeforeDrag will occur for sure for each dnd operation, while onDragOut may not occur in some dnd actions )

suburbsGrid.attachEvent("onBeforeDrag", function() { if (suburbsGrid.hdr.getElementsByTagName('input')[0].value != '') { suburbsGrid.filterBy(0, ""); suburbsGrid._f_rowsBuffer = null; } return true; });