Drag and drop between treegrid (Suite 6.4.2 enterprise) and Scheduler (5.3.6 enterprise)

Hi there! I had a demo working with a treegrid and a scheduler that allowed users to drag an object from the treegrid into the scheduler and fire the addition of a new event, however it doesn’t seem to work with the latest suite and scheduler. The demos all appear to be stale and the documentation isn’t clear on what changed. Is this still possible with these two version?

I have the tree dragMode: “source”, but when I drag an object into the scheduler I don’t see the onExternalDragIn event fire. I modeled the code after the example at:


and changed the properties to the newer version, but I’m having no luck. Any suggestions?

Hi Tschaar,

I’ve got the issue. I’m trying to drag an element from a list to drop in a timeline scheduler.
I’m working with ReactJS. By using Grid properties dragCopy and dragMode to true, the drag event seems to start but I can’t see any drop event in the Scheduler.

Any solution since ?

HI Regis,

No, I reverted back to a previous version of Suite (5.2.0 Pro), so I haven’t put any more time into diagnosing or fixing. (There are notes that say Sched V5x is not compatible with Suite 6x, and my code was working fine with Suite 5x, so I abandoned development with Suite V6 on that product until Sched becomes compatible).

Thanks for verifying my observation. Hopefully it’ll get addressed.




We plan to buy the Complete Bundle.

Which release of Scheduler do you use ?

We use the latest Scheduler v5.3.8…