drag and drop btwn grid and tree


I’m doing a little inbox type application where I have a tree on the left representing some folders, and a grid on the right with some emails.

I need the following behavior:

No node in the tree should be able to be dragged and/or dropped.

To that end, I have the following code:

myTree.attachEvent(“onBeforeDrag”, doOnBeforeTreeDrag);

function doOnBeforeTreeDrag(id)


return false;


This works fine as nothing gets dragged from the tree. However, I have extended drag functionality turned on for the grid and it seems to be on for the tree now as well. The little box with a red x or green checkmark shows up as I drag my mouse . I don’t want ANYTHING to happen when you try to drag from the tree. That is why I fire the return false; event. Am I missing something?




The issue is confirmed. I have attached the fixed version of drag extension. Please, try to use it instead of the original.

dhtmlx_extdrag.zip (1.27 KB)

This fix worked great.  Thank you!