Drag and Drop combined with Block Selection


I’m using a dhtmlxGrid component. I would like to enable the block selection and to be able to drop stuff on the grid also. The problem is that enabling the grid to be a drop area also enables it to be a drag source (with enableDragAndDrop(true)). The block selection is done in the same way as dragging a row (press left mouse button and start moving), but the priority seems to be given to the drag action and therefore, the block selection doesn’t behave properly afterwards.

Is there a way of enabling only the grid as being a drop area and not as a drag source? Any workaround suggestion would be appreciated.


Basically the behavior contolled by next row in dhtmlxgrid.js  (line 3600)
    if (this.dragAndDropOff) this.dragger.addDraggableItem(c,this);
It can be changed to
    if (this.dragAndDropOff) this.dragger.addDragLanding(c,this);
and grid will work as drag landing only

To prevent code modification it can be done dynamically with next code




I used the code to do it dynamically when I create the grid and it works well.