Drag and Drop db field update?

On drag and drop events, event start time and end time is get updated but i want to update some other table fields. How can i do this? I hope i have render my own custom query in server side for update section. Please help me with sample code.

Thanks in advance.

You can attach beforeUpdate event handler to the server side code, which can trigger any custom sql.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … foreupdate


//creates and runs own update statement using values came in request, cancels default update
function myUpdate($action){
mysql_query(“UPDATE Countries SET item_nm=’{$action->get_value(‘name’)}’ WHERE item_id=’{$action->get_id()}’”);

$gridConn means?

connector object

for example, in the
it will be $scheduler

All connector object works in the same way, so except of changing connector var, all other will be the same.

( be sure to place your custom code before render_table or render_sql command )