Drag and Drop Exception in Firefox

My project is set up with the tree nav in the left columb of my site and on click of a link this changes the location of an iframe in the right columb. The problem is that only in fire fox when i activate a link so thats it is loaded in the iframe and then try to drag that item to somewhere else the iframe shakes and the drag icon gets stuck and the following error shows up in the console. I can drag folders fine.

Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property Window.dhtmlDragAndDrop.

the link is activated onClick and that code isn’t running when the item is dragged. Once the icon is stick to the mouse any click inside the nav area throws the same exception and wildly clicking will sometimes drop the item but drag and drop is almost completely broken untll the page is refreshed

Problem caused by cross domain security , it seems that you loading document from different domains in main window and child windows - javascript can’t operate between documents from different domains.
If necessary we can provide version of js file which will not throw error in such case, but still d-n-d between such frames will not be possible ( if such file necessary for you - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com )