drag and drop from grid to tree

I have a grid and a tree in one jsp page, now I want to use drag and drop item form grid to tree just for reading the grid id and target node id so I can move the dragged item into the group with target id by ajax code in my database after that I want to refresh grid again for deleting the item.

So I don’t need to remove grid or add any new node to tree by dhtmlx!

this is my code:


if(source_object == grid){

alert(target_id);// just for test


return false;



if(tid == “locked_id”) return false

return true



if(tobj == grid) return false

return true


but after drop dragged item on the tree firebug give me this error:

itemObject.parentObject is undefined

_recreateBranch()(tr.odd_light, Object htmlNode=table tr=tr childsCount=0 tempDOMM=0, undefined)dhtmlxtree.js (line 106)

_recreateBranch()(tr.odd_light, Object htmlNode=table tr=tr childsCount=0 tempDOMM=0)dhtmlxtree.js (line 103)

_dragIn()(td, Object entBox=div#empgridbox.gridbox _wcorr=0 _f2kE=true, td.standartTreeRow)dhtmlxtree.js (line 150)

stopDrag()(mouseup clientX=1208, clientY=97, undefined)dhtmlxcommon.js (line 50)

[Break on this error] {targetObject.XMLload=1;this._loadDynXM…ee.dpcpy)oldTree.deleteItem(_otiid)}else

I really need to give me help please…

Thanks a lot…

Could you please prove us full example where we can reproduce this issue including files which you are using to initialize grid. (You can send it directly to the support@dhtmlx.com)