Drag and Drop from tree into a grid in a layout

If I attach a grid to a cell in a layout … as in

myGrid = mainLayout.cells(“a”).attachGrid();

I get all the advantages of automatic resizing of the grid as the user changes the size of the layout cell.

BUT am I then right in thinking that I can’t drag and drop from a dhtmlx tree (which is accessible, but outside the layout), because the
tree.dragger.addDragLanding(sinput, { _drag : function(){ etc }, requires sinput to be defined as in document.getElementById(‘myGridId’) … and myGrid doesn’t have ‘myGridId’

Is there any easy way around this? (If I initialise myGrid in a

, I can get drag and drop, but then I loose all the nice automatic resizing)


Please, try to use the solution from the following sample:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlx … _grid.html