Drag and Drop in grid

When we are dragging and dropping ; newly dropping rows are coming at the top in the second grid. Is there any way to make it to the bottom; so that first come will lies first… Please help me. … :slight_smile:

You can use drag and drop event to move dropped row to any position. Please check tutorial here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … and_drop&s[]=drag&s[]=and&s[]=drop

Can you explain… with some more details?

if you have gridA and gridB, you can use

gridB.attachEvent("onDrag", function(sid,tid, from,to){ tid = to.getRowId(to.getRowsNum()-1)||0; from.moveRow(sid, tid, "move","sibling", from, to); return false; });

Such code defines custom dnd logic for gridB, so new row will always be added as last one.