Drag and Drop Multiselected Items in Grid


I want to know if it is possible to drag and drop multiple items in a datagrid.

I tried something like this but did not have success with that.

var helpstring = “”;

ids = mygrid.getSelectedId().split(’,’);





return true;

It would help a lot if this would be possible.

Thank you

Pro version supports drag-n-grop of multiple items ( just enable multiselect and drag-n-drop for grid )
If you want move many items programmatically it can be done as
    var ids = mygrid.getSelectedId().split(’,’);

    for(var i=0;i<=ids.length;i++)


moveRowTo accepts next parameters
: srowId - source row Id
: trowId - target row Id
: mode - move or copy
: dropmode - sibling or child
: sourceGrid - target row  in row_sibling mode
: targetGrid - used for moving between grids (optional)