drag and drop of event is not working on ipad


I am woking with ipad device.
I tested your demo of ipad and seems that some part of it is not working.

  1. drag and drop functionality of events is not working.
  2. create new event on Scheduler --> It shows the Custom “details” form for creation --> click on description to add text --> It doesn’t open the keyboard to enter text on ipad.
  3. gestures are not well-formed, It opens Custom “details” form even if you scroll the Scheduler.

Early response awaited.


Drag-d-drop is not working, because the same gesture used for scrolling. It is not possible to distinguish scroll and drag actions. Also, it is not very handy, while you can position event preciously with mouse, touch action is too rough to place event on the specific time.

we will look in problems (2) and (3)

Hi Stanislav,

Thank you for the quick response. :slight_smile:

I have investigated on drag n drop in ipad,
Please find below links, here you can see clear and well formed gestures on ipad.

gotproject.com/blog/files/dr … pdemo.html



Can you please tell me, is this fuctionality is possible in near future :question:
Is any type of work going on for this issue :question:


In our tests, precision of dnd operation was far from good, so dnd is not very usable for time selection ( or you need to have the huge time scale ), so we not plan to change existing behavior.

In same time we are working on dhtmlx touch library, and as part of it, plan to release special edition of scheduler, which will be not just the adaptation of existing UI, but version which will be fully created for mobile|touch devices.