Drag and Drop outside the graph


I’m trying to drag&drop a feature a little outside the bound of the graph, and I wonder if it’s possible.

I have configure my graph with :

gantt.config.start_date and gantt.config.end_date , but when the task hit the border of the chart, it blocks.
Is it possible to remove this behavior? To let the user move the task until his mouse is no more in the chart?

Thank you in advance,


ps : sorry for my English, I’m a French speaker

try catching a onTaskDrag event,
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt … event.html
Probably you can detect the moment when the task is dragged to the edge of a timeline (start/end of a task is close enough to start/end date of a gantt config). Then you could update a start/end_date configs and redraw a gantt using gantt.render()

Good idea, but I’m in trouble with the scrollbar position and gantt.render().
I don’t achieve to let the user exactly at the same date…
I try :

  • gantt.config.preserve_scroll : I think it don’t take the date in account, only the % of the scrollbar
  • gantt.showTask() : don’t work if the user is not exactly at the good place.

Is there a way?

Also, I don’t understand something :
If I let the start date at gantt.config.start_date, and try to move the end_date of the task (like a resize), it doesn’t work. Is there a way to make that?