Drag and Drop

If i was to purchase the software do i get enhanced documentation as the copy that comes with the evaluation is very poor and doesn’t include much help.

According to your documentation all i need to do is add the line of code:


However if i try to drag and drop, it doesn’t highlight all cells in the tree grid as i roll over them - just that nodes parents -

and if i try to drop it, it gives the following error.

eXcell_undefined is not defined

cells2(td)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 210)

cells2(tr, 21)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 210)

_getRowArray(tr)dhtmlXGrid.js (line 305)

close()dhtmlXGrid_drag.j… (line 10)

_dragRoutine(Object source=treeGrid target=treeGrid mode=move)dhtmlXGrid_drag.j… (line 21)

slist(td, Object entBox=div#gridbox.gridbox _tttag=rows _cttag=cell, td, span#nodeval)dhtmlXGrid_drag.j… (line 20)

callDrag(mouseup clientX=0, clientY=0, undefined)dhtmlXCommon.js (line 24)

[Break on this error]

var c = this.getRowById(row_id);var cell=(c._childIndexes?c.childNodes[c._child…

i know if you was to develop much more helpful and detailed documentation then you wouldn’t have so many people asking questions on this site and would have happier cutomers

Actually to enable drag-n-drop all what necessary is a


Version of d-n-d included in standard edition of dhtmlxGrid purposed to be used with plain grids only it will not work for dhtmlxTree or dhtmlxTreeGrid

Currently we work on big update for components, which will include some improvements in documentation, which must made it more helpful.

Hi thanks for the reply

we have the professional version of dhtml xtree grid, i dont understand what you mean that it will not allow drag and drop if the tree also has columns???

please explain further