Drag between multiple schedulers


I have two schedulers defined in my controller:

var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(“schedulerMAIN”);
var schedulerSRO = new DHXScheduler(“schedulerSRO”);

I have added the DragBetween extension for the schedulers among other various configurations:


However I cannot drag between the two. I have gone through the documentation here:

but I cannot find out why they cannot be dragged between.

Could someone post an example project with two MVC schedulers that are bound to each other so that drag and drop between them is enabled? Or tell me what steps I am missing?

I have added all the events in my javascript to look for any sign of success but none of them are firing on drop.

I should also mention we do have the enterprise license so that is not an issue.


please check this demo
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … etween.zip
I notice some glitch which happen right after drag and drop - moved event reappears in source scheduler for short amount of time before dissapearing again. We’ll add it to our bugtracking, meanwhile I think it can be fixed using client-side filters - if you can detect such event, you can prevent it from reappering